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Mike: Ok, come on. And follow the sultry sound of my voice. [Sulley covers his eyes] No peeking.

Sulley: Mike? 

Mike: And open them. [Showing Sulley his new car] Ta-da! What do you think? 


"What do you think?"

Sulley: What was wrong with your old car? 

Mike: Three little words, Sulley. Six wheel drive! Come on, get in! Ba ba ba da da! [Mike and Sulley get into the car] 

Mike: [Referring to the seat] It's adjustable. [Sulley presses a button and his seat goes really low. He raises the seat, and then makes it move all around. Mike starts to look annoyed] 

Mike: WILL YOU CUT IT OUT?! [Sulley raises the seat a little high, Mike starts the engine] 

Mike: It's like we've released a panther. [seat belt warning beeps] What? What what? Oh! Heh heh heh. [Mike tries to get his seatbelt on but has trouble, but Sulley puts his seatbelt on. Mike tries to pull his seatbelt but he opens the car door and falls out] 

Mike: Don't sit there! Push the button! [Sulley tries to find the button, but he pushes the button to make the hood open and Mike tries to close the hood] 

Sulley: [to Mike, who is trying to close the hood] I'll get it! [accidentally slams hood on Mike's hand; Mike screams in pain] Oh, sorry! Sorry! [Sulley presses a button, and the hood flies open, launching Mike into the air. Mike falls into the hood and the hood closes on him; the car phone rings. Sulley answers] Hello? 

Mike: [on phone] PUSH THE BUTTON!!!! [Mike gets out the hood and gets back into the car. The seat belt warning beeps again] 

Mike: Grrrrrrr. [Puts his seat belt down and pushes the windshield wipers button. Sulley tries to push the button] Don't touch anything! I'll do it! [Mike pushes the button but the music turns on and presses all buttons and the car alarm sounds and the hood opens and closes] 

[The car alarm stops Sulley] 

[tries to read, just the rear view mirror after he bashed it with his head, but accidentally breaks it off] Oops. 

Mike: [dangerously calm] Get out of the car, please. [snaps] Get out, out, out, out, OUT! GET OUTTA MY CAR!!!!!! 

[Sulley is forced out of the car and stands on the pavement. The car starts up and suddenly speeds off. Five of the six wheels roll past Sulley. The sixth one follows more slowly]

Sulley: Hmm, that's weird. The airbag didn't go off. [right on cue, the airbag inflates and blasts Mike back up the street. Sulley catches him] 

Mike: [as the screen irises out and stops on him] I miss my old car. [over the closing credits] You know, the vroom-vroom and the clang-clang and the bang-bang. [sighs] 

Sulley: You uh wanna walk?

Mike: [exhausted] Yes....

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