Lucy - Elizabeth Banks


  • Lucy: (voiceover) It was an stormy night, and their father was walking quickly towards home. She was worried about her kids.

Yasha: My kids were all alone at home for the whole day. I hope they are fine and had their lunch on time.

Lucy: (voiceover) Thinking about her kids, the father was walking rapidly through the jungle. She was unknown to the fact; that someone was watching and following her from behind the bushes. She saw some bushes shaking, and got a little scared. She started walking faster, but suddenly a big tiger jumped in front of her.

Yasha: (Shrieks in fear)

Tiger Shaun: I've been following you for sometime. I smelled something good in your basket. And I want it, as I'm hungry. (He chuckled evil)

Yasha: Uh... They are, uhh... Just, uh... The rice cakes!

Tiger Shaun: Oh, Rice cakes? I love them! IT'S MOUTH WATERING FOR ME ALWAYS.

Yasha: You can have them all If you want!

Tiger Shaun: Of course I will. I'll eat them all, I'm very hungry.

Yasha: Get away from me, you stink tiger!

Lucy: (voiceover) The father gave all the rice cakes to the tiger, and as he got busy eating them, She escaped. She was running through the jungle, trying to find another way to the directions of an path. The tiger caught her again.

Tiger Shaun: (evil laugh) You can't run away like that!

Yasha: But I gave you all the rice cakes!

Tiger Shaun: No, that's not true. You must be having some of them. I can smell it. Where is it? Give it to me!

Yasha: I've kept a couple of them. I'm carrying it for my kids. They like it too...

Tiger Shaun: Give it to me you stupid idiot! Give it to me or I'll kill you with eating feast!

Yasha: Oh, no. Take them and let me go! My kids must be waiting for me!

Lucy: (voiceover) The father gave the tiger a couple of rice cakes she had hidden in her dress. As the tiger started eating them, she run away. She was running faster, and faster, and faster, but not faster than the tiger, who caught her more.

Tiger Shaun: I ate them all, but I'm still hungry. Do you have anything else?

Yasha: No, I've nothing left with me!

Tiger Shaun: What about my hunger then? Offer me something or get ready to DIE.

Yasha: Please don't kill me, Don't kill me, don't kill me! My kids are waiting for me, They must be very hungry! Please let me go home now!

Tiger Shaun: How can I let you go when I'm so hungry. And the hyenas comes in before eating you.

Lucy: (voiceover) Saying this, Shaun and the two hyenas attacked the father, grabbed her in his jaws and took her away.

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