The Ice Cave is an ice cave on the planet Hoth. Wampas inhabit the Ice Cave.

In Ice Age, Manfred, Sid, Diego and Roshan inhabit the Ice Cave.


The Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker was almost attacked by One-Arm, a wampa, but Han Solo saved him.

Ice Age

The ice cavern consisted of a massive series of tunnels that were formed during the days of the ice ages when ancient rivers flowed through them, cutting through the ice and snow.

After having inadvertently caused an avalanche, three animals, a mammoth named Manfred, a ground sloth named Sid, and a saber-tooth tiger  named Diego, with a human baby named Roshan in tow, the latter being brought along by the three mammals so as to return him to his family, hurried into the cave to escape being crushed by the avalanche. The falling snow, however, had blocked the cavern's entrance, trapping the four inside to walk through the cavern and reach the other side.

While walking through the caves, Sid accidentally gets his tongue stuck to some ice before getting himself free and had found a number of frozen creatures within the ice walls, among them were animals that all bore a passing resemblance to Sid, a frozen dinosaur, a frozen carnivorous fish, and even a large frozen alien spacecraft. At the end of the tunnels and slides of the cavern was a cave that humans had settled in at one point, adorning the walls with paintings of animals and humans on the hunt.

The baby, however, was separated from the other three mammals as he slid off on an ice slide, prompting the others to slide after him. As they slid, the three mammals wrecked their way through ice buildup, from upward-pointing icicles to an expansive wall of ice.

Emmet's Hercules

This cave looks quite to be well, At the reason, Sir Pentious smacked Emmet, who rolling down the hill, and the Ice Cavern. And Emmet was coming down. Zane was tied up by Demon Crows and Tilus Struman, but Emmet tries saved him, then he slip on the ice.

Emmet Fixes the Internet

Emmet, Cole, Zane, Kai, Lloyd, and Jay (5 ninja) traveled here, finding a teleportation device in the cave, and Zane mentioned that he should've seen it earlier when he was tied up. They used it, and the Ninja escaped while Emmet fixed the Internet due to the Buttzilla virus destruction, at the lame time of redemption.

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