"I'm a master builder!" ― Emmet

Emmet Brickowski is the main protagonist of The LEGO Movie and Emmet's Hercules. Emmet is a master builder and one of the antagonists in Emmet Fixes the Internet, in which Emmet is the focus character, but gets into Black Hat's side. Betilla, his mother, lives in the Jibberish Jungle. Emmet's pets are 5.0.5., his pet, Scrat, his saber-tooth squirrel pet. and Emmet's Minions are Stuart Minion, Kevin Minion, Bob Minion, Dave Minion, Phil Minion, Tim Minion, Carl Minion, Jorge Minion, And every minions them self from Despicable Me Franchises. While he singing along with every characters at the various songs to perform it.

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