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Sloth from Ice Age

Mammoth from Ice Age

Opossum from Ice Age

Scratazon from Ice Age

Sirens from Ice Age

Sabre-Tooth Tiger from Ice Age

Sabre-Tooth Squirrel from Ice Age

Lions from The Lion King/Madagascar

Warthogs from The Lion King

Meerkats from The Lion King

Hyenas from The Lion King

Mini-Sloths from Ice Age

Grizzly Bear from Open Season

Klays from The Neverhood

Ogres from Shrek

Green Pig from Angry Birds

Green Fat Pig from Angry Birds

Red Universe

Blue Universe

Raypeople from Rayman

Teensies from Rayman

Lum from Rayman

Rabbid from Rabbids

Electoons from Rayman

Weasels from Ice Age

Teletubby from Teletubbies


Red Universe Female

Blue Universe Female

Dinosaurs from Ice Age

Chickens from Chicken Run/Chicken Little

Cats from Garfield/The Secret Life of Pets/Shaun the Sheep

Dogs from Garfield/The Secret Life of Pets/Shaun the Sheep

Bulls from Ferdinand

Cows from Barnyard


Birds from Angry Birds/Rio

Parrot from Rio

Skullmonkeys from The Neverhood

Vultures from Ice Age




Friendly Monster





Mudokon from Oddworld

Fuzzle from Oddworld

Clakker from Oddworld




Were-Rabbit from Wallace and Gromit

Lemurs from Madagascar

Monsters from Monsters, Inc.


Emojis from The Emoji Movie

Penguins from Madagascar

Yetis from Smallfoot

Pandas from Kung Fu Panda

Mouses from Garfield/The Secret Life of Pets

Mus from Looney Tunes

Rats from Ratatouille/The Secret Life of Pets

Gabbit From Oddworld

Oktigi From Oddworld

Intern From Oddworld

Vykker From Oddworld

Chronicler From Oddworld

Glukkon From Oddworld

Steef From Oddworld

Puppets From The Muppets/Sesame Street

Fishes From Finding Nemo/Shark Tale

Sharks From Finding Nemo/Shark Tale

Hippos From Madagascar

Zebras From Madagascar

Giraffe From Madagascar

Monkeys From Madagascar

Chimpanzee From Madagascar

Apes From Planet of the Apes

Nymphs from Rayman

Deers from Open Season

Skunks from Open Season

Ducks from Open Season

Mooses from Brother Bear

Bears from Brother Bear

Miis from Miitopia

Demons from Hazbin Hotel

Sheeps from Shaun the Sheep

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